Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy

7 Tips to Make Sex Sacred (Cancer Season)

July 12, 2021 Cosmic RX Episode 17
Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy
7 Tips to Make Sex Sacred (Cancer Season)
Show Notes

Cancer season is about returning home and focused on tuning into intimacy, sensuality and pleasure from the heart space, not the headspace. That’s why episode 17 of Cosmic RX Radio is about how to make sex sacred! 

In this episode of Cosmic RX Radio, Madi Murphy is sharing the importance of getting in tune with yourself and actionable steps you can take right now to make sex sacred. 

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Some of the talking points Madi goes over in this episode include:

  • A quick guide to stelliums and what they mean, what to do with them, and how to harness them.
  • Acknowledging that S.E.X. is a sacred energy “eXchange” with both yourself and others. 
  • Slowing down, getting comfortable with yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the sensuality of sex. 
  • Taking your sacred sexuality past the bedroom and using that energy in your everyday life. 
  • The power boundaries and allowing yourself to be playful and enjoy the silliness and imperfections once those boundaries are set. 

Alright, you cosmic baddie. Tune in next week… and, until then, remember: love yourself fully, work your magic and take no shit! 

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Thank you for listening!

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