Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy

Reclaiming Our Power and Creativity Through Sexuality (Leo Season)

August 16, 2021 Cosmic RX Episode 22
Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy
Reclaiming Our Power and Creativity Through Sexuality (Leo Season)
Show Notes

Sexuality is more than the act of having sex; it transcends creative energy and is a huge key to our overall creativity and vitality. That’s why episode 22 of Cosmic RX Radio is about reclaiming our power and creativity through sexuality! 

In this episode of Cosmic RX Radio, Madi Murphy is sharing the importance of embracing our divine sexual energy and actionable steps you can take right now to free your sexuality, body, and sensuality from fear and shame and from those who want to control us through this fear and shame society has put on sex. 

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Some of the talking points Madi goes over in this episode include:

  • Using your chart to be a better parent to both your children and to yourself. 
  • Converting your sexual energy into the energy of another nature and acknowledging the power this allows us to hold. 
  • How the word libido itself is no longer just about sex and sexual energy, but about the energy around feeling alive. 
  • Exploring sacral chakra work to experience pleasure, manifest, set boundaries, and nurture ourselves and those around us. 
  • Deprogramming our minds to let go of the mixed signals that society sends us surrounding sex and embrace our divine sexual energy. 
  • A 4 step ritual for harnessing your sexual power and up-leveling your sexuality, creativity and bringing abundance into your life. 

Alright, you cosmic baddie. Tune in next week… and, until then, remember: love yourself fully, work your magic and take no shit! 

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Thank you for listening!

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